War & Peace

After the initial breakup of Dokken, Jeff Pilson formed his own group called Flesh & Blood in 1989, taking over lead vocal and rhythm guitar duties. After changing the name to War & Peace, Pilson released a total of four albums, starting with 1993’s Time Capsule, featuring Russ Parrish, Tommy “Hendrix” Henriksen, and Ricky Parent. In 1999 Jeff released the original Flesh & Blood Sessions featuring Michael Diamond, Vinny Appice, and Randy Hansen. Next came Light at the End of the Tunnel in 2001 utilizing different players and line-ups. Jeff also released The Walls Have Eyes in 2004 featuring Michael Frowein & Bartholamew Toff on the drums & percussion with Jeff handling most everything else.

Pilson went on to collaborate with War & Peace bassist Tommy Henriksen under the name Underground Moon choosing the pseudonym Dominic Moon for himself; the project’s sole album was released in 2001 and re-issued in 2008.

Look for a new remastered release of the original Flesh & Blood Sessions in 2013 that will include one bonus track written and recorded back in 1989 with the original line-up!

  1. james curl says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I sent an e mail to reply to your e-mail, but did not hear back. So I figured I better sent one here as well.

    Anytime to talk is ok…I’m free this evening or we can do it during the week after 4:30 pm California time.

    my number is 916-364-9980

    will fill you in on my project.


    James Curl

  2. Ricky says:

    Your one of the greats Bass players i look up too.

  3. Jim Rigberg says:

    Not a big deal, but I cannot find anything anywhere that identifies who plays what on each track on Light at the End of the Tunnel. Any help?

    • Michael Greenberg says:

      Hi. I know this is getting back to you over a year later. I am a huge Jeff Pilson fan. I have the actual CD for Light at the end of the Tunnel
      Everything, Otherwise noted is played and sang by Jeff Pilson.
      1. What Cost War – John Norum- Guitar solo/ James Kottak – Drums
      2. The Night You walked away – Reb Beach – Guitar solo / James Kottak – Drums
      3. Wrong Place, Wrong Time – Paul Gilbert – Guitar solo / James Kottak – Drums
      4. Playing God Again – Jeff Pilson – solo / James Kottak – Drums
      5.Solitary World – Reb Beach – Solo/ James Kottak – Drums
      6.In the Dead of Night – John Levin (Dokken) Solo / James Kottak – Drums
      7. Sweet Release – Jeff Pilson – The Pilsound String Quartet.
      8. End of the Tunnel – Richie Kotzen – Solo/Bartholomew Toff – Drums
      9. Stay Out of My Mind – Richie Kotzen – Solo / B. Toff – Drums
      10. Cast the Stone – Jeff Pilson – The Works/ James Kottak – Drums

      That is all the liner notes about who plays what. It also says
      All other vocals, guitars, bass, piano, mellotron, backing vocals, and Keybords by Jeff Pilson

      That is the entire Liner notes. I Hope this helps you

  4. Brian H. says:

    Is all the tracks of Flesh and Blood Sessions with Michael “Legs” Diamond on bass guitar? I’m a big fan of Jeff’s & an avid Michael of Legs Diamond. Sorry, so can Jeff or anyone please reply. I’ve never heard of this until I was looking up your War & Peace stuff again tonight.

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