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Thanx Mark for helping us promote T&N!!

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It was a great weekend at the annual Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim. Every year it seems the show is bigger and there is always way more going on than you can possibly take in.

I enjoyed a great day Friday with my crew hunting down some new killer acoustic gear for some potential Foreigner gigs down the road…

I also had a good time Saturday with my band brother Kelly at Rapco Horizon and then later with Sean McNabb (Dokken) & Dave Amato (REO) in the Dean Markley booth doing meet & greets.

I didn’t get to play live or catch any great shows this year… Too busy. If you were there, did you catch anyone great?


Hey everyone! It’s that time of year when all of us in this crazy music industry come together in one big gang for a long weekend we like to call NAMM.  The National Association of Music Merchants convention has been happening every January for as long as I can remember, and every year it includes artists and artisans alike, along with all of the associated business people who help bring the love of music to the masses. The convention is not open to the public, just the trade, but there are still a lot of us who weave in and out of signing autographs and just being fans ourselves… it’s an amazing mix!

This year I plan to be at NAMM Friday & Saturday. I’m part of an autograph session with The RapcoHorizon Company at booth 4558 (Hall C) at 1:00pm on Saturday with my FOREIGNER band brothers, Kelly Hansen and Tom Gimbel!  Later that day I am scheduled for another meet & greet at the Dean Markely booth 5710 at 4pm with Sean McNabb, the current  bass player in… Dokken! Should be a fun mix! LOL

I know many of you tell me every year that you wish you could be there… and I wish that was how this all worked. But I look forward to seeing all of you who do attend, and I hope you’ll come out, bring your camera for a quick pic, and I look forward to meeting you!




Chris “Reno” Baker – WUZZ 94 and 107FM, Meadville, PA
“T&N’s great mix of raw, power-packed originals, and re-imagined Dokken classics make ‘Slave To The Empire’ a must have for any rocker. It’s a much needed shot in the arm to the world of rock!”

Scott Rockenfield – Queensryche
“A great sounding collection of music and performances!”

Mike Gaube 93.3 FM KDKB Phoenix AZ
“Now THIS is what we’ve all been waiting for!!!! Rockin’ with WHO??? T&N, THAT’S WHO!!!”

Eddie Trunk -VH1 That Metal Show
“Really excited about T&N! The Dokken remakes, as well as the original songs, sound killer! Some great players and great special guests!”

Matt O’Shaugnessy WVOX and WVIP 93.5FM New York
“This is some of the most stellar and superior music I have heard all year!”

Harlan Hendrickson – Host of the Monsters of Rock
“George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown have just topped anything you have ever heard them do as a unit! How can one possibly exceed the power and rage of all those vintage Dokken classics? Easy…it’s called “Slave to the Empire” the new CD from T&N!

Fred Coury – Drummer – Cinderella
“The bar has been raised. Hey kids! This is what a rock band should sound like. These guys are playing better than ever. You can actually hear your ass getting kicked! Bravo!”

Larry Mac – 96.1 KLPX FM Phoenix, AZ
“Lynch, Pilson & Brown are not just giving hard rock the adrenaline shot it needs, but extending it into this millennium and beyond!”

Ronny Munroe / TSO /Metal Church 
“Had the chance to check out a couple of advanced tracks from the new T&N record and I gotta’ say I’m stoked to hear the rest! Jeff Pilson’s voice sounds great on the new stuff and Doug Pinnick of King’s X rips it up on the new version of ‘Tooth and Nail’! This rocks!”

Jim “Top Jimmy” Alvino WSCA FM 106.1, Portsmouth NH 
“The tracks featured here redefine KILLER!! \m/ \m/ The spirit of this classic lineup still “Burns Like A Flame”!!”

David Garlow – The Examiner, Syracuse , New York
“The big three of Dokken has taken classics such as ‘Tooth and Nail’ and installed thrusters. Lynch alone sounds wickedly delightful, but Pilson and Brown give T&N the launching pad; and hold on tight, they brought friends. ‘Slave to the Empire’ is a flight into an area of the heavy metal stratosphere rarely seen or heard.”

Robbin Torrey – Motor City Metal Show Detroit MI
“Sweet and sharp, melodic and masterful! A divine feast of aural arousal!”

“George Lynch and company doing what they do best! Back to basics rock n roll with shredding solos by seasoned veterans. These guys are having fun with this new project and it certainly comes across in the music!”

Danny Palero – Artist Media Group USA
“After listening to T&N ‘Slave to the Empire’, all I could say was “Are you f&#king serious?” I haven’t been moved like this since the early days of metal! WOW!”

John Katic – GUITAR
“Jeff, Mick and George doing what they do best. Rippin’ takes on timeless classics with friends and inspired new material. Break out your air guitars for this one!”



Jeff Pilson w/Gus Griesinger

Jeff Pilson w/Gus Griesinger