War & Peace

After the initial breakup of Dokken, Jeff Pilson formed his own group called Flesh & Blood in 1989, taking over lead vocal and rhythm guitar duties. After changing the name to War & Peace, Pilson released a total of four albums, starting with 1993’s Time Capsule, featuring Russ Parrish, Tommy “Hendrix” Henriksen, and Ricky Parent. In 1999 Jeff released the original Flesh & Blood Sessions featuring Michael Diamond, Vinny Appice, and Randy Hansen. Next came Light at the End of the Tunnel in 2001 utilizing different players and line-ups. Jeff also released The Walls Have Eyes in 2004 featuring Michael Frowein & Bartholamew Toff on the drums & percussion with Jeff handling most everything else.

Pilson went on to collaborate with War & Peace bassist Tommy Henriksen under the name Underground Moon choosing the pseudonym Dominic Moon for himself; the project’s sole album was released in 2001 and re-issued in 2008.

Look for a new remastered release of the original Flesh & Blood Sessions in 2013 that will include one bonus track written and recorded back in 1989 with the original line-up!

  1. james curl says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I sent an e mail to reply to your e-mail, but did not hear back. So I figured I better sent one here as well.

    Anytime to talk is ok…I’m free this evening or we can do it during the week after 4:30 pm California time.

    my number is 916-364-9980

    will fill you in on my project.


    James Curl

  2. Ricky says:

    Your one of the greats Bass players i look up too.

  3. Jim Rigberg says:

    Not a big deal, but I cannot find anything anywhere that identifies who plays what on each track on Light at the End of the Tunnel. Any help?

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