New Facebook Page @OfficialJeffPilson

Posted: June 25, 2022 in Pilsonbrew
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Hey all – it’s been a while and I want to get this blog back up to speed so we can all keep up with Jeff on his musical adventures this summer and into the future!

If you follow our Jeff Pilson Fan Page you may have noticed it was hacked last month, and it seems to be a lost cause… Jeff and I have decided to “Erase the Slate” and start again, so please come help us rebuild on our brand new page:

Jeff and I will start getting new content up on that page this summer and hope it will be a great place for Jeff’s fans to interact online. And Keep an eye out here for longer format updates as we have them!

Stay cool if you can this summer – it’s already a hot one and it’s not even July… 😎



  1. John Pisapia says:

    Hey Michael— I miss typed my phone on previous comment.
    John Pisapia

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