Hot For Yoga

Posted: May 15, 2023 in Pilsonbrew

Our virtual meditation course covers several classical meditation techniques. Each class will focus on one technique at a time and offer simplified explanations on the philosophy and history. Light stretching is involved, so wear clothes you’re comfortable in and your yoga mat.


Having the capacity to be fully present, conscious of where we are and what we’re doing, and not unduly reactive or distracted by what’s going on around us is known as mindfulness.

While mindfulness is something we can all have, it is made more accessible to us when we practice it on a regular basis.

You’re mindful when you bring awareness to what you’re directly experiencing via your senses, or to your state of mind through your thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, there is mounting evidence that training your brain to be aware actually changes the physical structure of your brain.


Mindful meditations have a variety of benefits:

  • Help relieve stress
  • Treat heart disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Alleviate gastrointestinal difficulties

Come to Hot For Yoga today to learn to be present with a mindful meditation practice.

Hey all – it’s been a while and I want to get this blog back up to speed so we can all keep up with Jeff on his musical adventures this summer and into the future!

If you follow our Jeff Pilson Fan Page you may have noticed it was hacked last month, and it seems to be a lost cause… Jeff and I have decided to “Erase the Slate” and start again, so please come help us rebuild on our brand new page:

Jeff and I will start getting new content up on that page this summer and hope it will be a great place for Jeff’s fans to interact online. And Keep an eye out here for longer format updates as we have them!

Stay cool if you can this summer – it’s already a hot one and it’s not even July… 😎



For Immediate Release

Two Giants Of Metal GEORGE LYNCH & JEFF PILSON Reteam For A Killer Covers Album Heavy Hitters!

Los Angeles, CA – Guitar-shredding virtuoso George Lynch has reteamed with former Dokken bandmate Jeff Pilson for a set of new studio recordings that turn pop music classics into powerful metal anthems! The two have previously made metal magic together as a duo on the 2003 album Wicked Underground, which was recently reissued on vinyl, as well as with other projects such as T&N and The End Machine. But this new batch of recordings, entitled appropriately enough Heavy Hitters, stands apart not only for its outstanding roster of players and vocalists including head Bulletboy Marq Torien, Fishbone’s Angelo Moore, New Zealand native Wil Martin and drummer Brian Tichy (Whitesnake/Ozzy) but for the jaw-dropping song selection. If you’ve ever wondered what an amped-up, full-throttle version of Carole King’s “I Feel The Earth Move” or Prince’s “Kiss” or Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” or Madonna’s “Music,” then this is the album for you!

As a special treat, the band has released the first single from the album – a powerful rendition of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” – featuring Martin on vocals, offering just a small taste of what’s in store.

As Lynch himself explains, “I was never a huge Duran Duran fan but I always loved this song. It was just so majestic and emotional. It was an honor and a challenge to cover it in that we had to thread the needle between respecting the original vision of the arrangement but putting our stamp on it as well.”

Pilson, meanwhile, says “The purpose of this whole record, besides having a lot of fun making it, was to take amazing hit songs and interpret them in a way that was true to the greatness of the original but that also brought something new and fresh to the song. ‘Ordinary World’ is such a great melodic and emotional song, a song I think George and I have always loved. We just wanted to add some heaviness, a little George Lynch soulful playing and then let Wil fly with that phenomenal voice.”

Stream the single:

Heavy Hitters will be available on both CD in a deluxe digipak and on limited edition colored vinyl starting December 18, courtesy of Deadline Music, a subsidiary of Cleopatra Records, Inc.!

Order the album:

Track List:

  1. One Of Us (Originally by Joan Osbourne)
  2. You Got The Love (Originally by Rufus & Chaka Khan)
  3. I Feel The Earth (Originally by Carole King)
  4. Ordinary World (Originally by Duran Duran)
  5. Music (Originally by Madonna)
  6. Apologize (Originally by OneRepublic & Timbaland)
  7. Nowhere To Run (Originally by Martha Reeves & The Vandellas)
  8. Kiss (Originally by Prince)
  9. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) (Originally by R.E.M.)
  10. Champagne Supernova (Originally by Oasis)
  11. Lucille (Originally by Little Richard)

Press inquiries:
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Billy James
PH: 828-350-8158

DEADLINE MUSIC, a division of Cleopatra Records, Inc.
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Deadline Music Store

11041 Santa Monica Blvd #703
Los Angeles CA 90025

THE END machine

Posted: January 11, 2019 in Media Relations

THE END machine, featuring George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown, & Robert Mason, to Release Debut Album on March 22 via Frontiers Music SRL

Watch the Official Music Video for the First Single, Alive Today, via Ultimate Classic Rock

Hard rock titans collide for THE END machine, a brand-new project that features classic-era DOKKEN members George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown as well as current WARRANT singer Robert Mason. The band will be releasing their self-titled debut on March 22nd via Frontiers Music SRL.

THE END machine have premiered their first single, “Alive Today,” along with an accompanying music video via Ultimate Classic Rock.

You can watch it Alive Today on UCR

Pre-order THE END machine’s self-titled album on CD/LP/Digital here

A limited amount of signed CDs & LPs, merch bundles, VIP Packages & more are available here

Surely, some fans may be wondering to themselves, isn’t this just Dokken without Don Dokken? “Musically, of course there’s bound to be moments that will be reminiscent of Dokken. That’s only logical,” says bassist Jeff Pilson. “But, my guess is there will be less of that than people would expect. Some people who’ve heard it say they think it’s closer to Lynch Mob than Dokken, but really it is pretty much its own thing. We allowed ourselves to get a little deeper than either of those projects really have, while still staying extremely melodic and not being afraid of good old-fashioned guitar rock. Maybe Lynch Mob, a bit of Dokken, but then some 70’s guitar rock added in. George [Lynch] is playing fantastic on this…very inspired. Everyone is really, but George covers some new territory here and it’s very cool. Plus, the songs as compositions took on their own life, especially adding Robert [Mason] to the writing. That’s what I’m most proud of, is the way this stands on its own. It doesn’t step on our legacy together one bit, but it has it’s own personality and I think that’s important.”

“This is decidedly not me ‘stapled’ onto a DOKKEN record,” adds Mason. “I wouldn’t have been involved if that was the intent. Fans will hear bits of our styles in this collection of songs, and while reminiscent signatures are undeniable, The End machine was purposely built to stand apart and on its own merit.”


  1. 1.Leap Of Faith
  2. Hold Me Down
  3. No Game
  4. Bulletproof
  5. Ride It
  6. Burn the Truth
  7. Hard Road
  8. Alive Today
  9. Line of Division
  10. Sleeping Voices
  11. Life Is Love Is Music

Return to the East

Posted: February 22, 2018 in Media Relations

DOKKEN To Release “Return To The East Live 2016” April 20th via Frontiers Music Srl

In 2016, the classic original line-up Dokken featuring: Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown reunited to play the world famous Loud Park Festival in Japan.

Fortunately for fans outside of Japan, cameras were there to capture the performance and now Frontiers is set to issue “Return To The East Live 2016” on April 20th!

In addition to the Japanese performance, this set also features footage from the classic lineup’s only US show in Sioux Falls, SD at Badlands.

  • A trailer for the release can be viewed HERE.
  • Pre-order and stream singles from the album HERE.
  • Pledge Music/Frontiers US Store HERE.
  • Frontiers EU Store HERE.

“Return to the East Live 2016” will be available in the following formats:

  • CD/DVD
  • Blu-Ray
  • Collector’s Box (CD/DVD + T-Shirt) [Comes with XL tee in the U.S., L tee in EU]
  • 2xLP Standard 180g Black Vinyl
  • 2xLP Limited Edition 180g Green Vinyl (Exclusive to Frontiers’ U.S. Store – Limited to 150 WORLDWIDE)
  • 2xLP Limited Edition 180g Red Vinyl (Exclusive to Frontiers’ EU Store – Limited to 150 WORLDWIDE)
  • MP3 (audio only)

If the release wasn’t amazing enough, the package includes a brand-new studio track, “It’s Just Another Day” and two acoustic re-workings of classic tracks, from the original members!

“After 25 years, it was great to reunite with George and Jeff and Mick and do a couple shows for the fans. We hope you like this album and video. There’s a lot of great bonus footage of us having fun, so enjoy it,” says Don Dokken.

Bassist Jeff Pilson adds, “I’m so thrilled this piece of the Dokken story is hitting the streets! What a magical experience it has been and this CD/DVD captures a lot of that wonderful manic energy that has always made Dokken so vital! I remain extremely grateful to have been a part of such a vibrant voice in the world of heavy rock. Thanx to the fans and to George, Don and Mick for being the musicians, writers and friends that you are!”


01. It’s Another Day (New Studio Track)
02. Kiss Of Death
03. The Hunter
04. Unchain The Night
05. When Heaven Comes Down
06. Breakin’ The Chains
07. Into The Fire
08. Dream Warriors
09. Tooth And Nail
10. Alone Again (Intro)
11. Alone Again
12. It’s Not Love
13. In My Dreams
14. Heaven Sent (Acoustic Studio Bonus Track)
15. Will The Sun Rise (Acoustic Studio Bonus Track)

01. Tooth And Nail
02. Unchain The Night
03. When Heaven Comes Down
04. Breakin’ The Chains
05. Into The Fire
06. Alone Again
07. It’s Not Love
08. Paris Is Burning
09. Kiss Of Death
10. The Hunter
11. Dream Warriors
12. In My Dreams
13. Behind the Scenes

Don Dokken – Vocals
George Lynch – Guitars
Jeff Pilson – Bass
Mick Brown – Drums

More About Dokken
Dokken simply needs no introduction. The band cemented their status as one of the legendary hard rock/heavy metal archetypes of the ’80s rock sce-ne with numerous successful albums and tours, evergreen songs and music videos and a lore that will live on forever.

For More Info Visit DOKKEN


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Kevin Cronin of REO SPEEDWAGON, Jeff Pilson and Bruce Watson of FOREIGNER and  Jack Blades, Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy of NIGHT RANGER camp
February 15-18,2018
Hollywood, CA
Dear Rockers,
Just added to our recording packageJeff Pilson of Foreigner, will be the special guest producer.  Not only has Jeff been the bass player for Foreigner since 2004, he was also the original bass player in the multi-platinum selling band Dokken, as well as the co-writer on many of Dokken’s hits, such as Just Got Lucky, Alone Again, In My Dreams andDream Warrior.
In addition to producing his own projects starting with War & Peace, Pilson has also worked in that capacity with several other acts, helming Benedictum‘s Uncreation andSeasons of Tragedy , respectively, and Adler‘s Back from the Dead . He producedForeigner‘s 2006 CD, Live in ’05, as well as tracks off of their 2008 No End in Sightrelease as well as their most recent effort, The Best of Foreigner 4 & More . He returned as producer for Benedictum in 2012 for their fourth album, Obey.
In December 2012 he produced the second album by Kill Devil Hill, featuring Pilson’s former Flesh & Blood and Dio band mate Vinny Appice on drums. Pilson also wrote all but two songs and produced the latest Starship feat. Mickey Thomas album, Loveless Fascination, the group’s first new studio release in almost a quarter century.
In  2014, Pilson produced the debut album by Last in Line, a band featuring original Dio members Vinny Appice, Jimmy Bain, Vivian Campbell, and Claude Schnell, and is currently producing their next release which currently features Vinny Appice, Vivian Campbell, Phil Soussan and Andrew Freeman.
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Hi Jeff – As spring has sprung it seems like your world continues to spin at a faster pace than any of us can keep up with! It’s only been a few months since we put together the “Winding Down 2016” Q&A on your blog, but we already have a lot of new things to talk about to keep your fans up to speed… so let’s dive right in!


First off, tell us a little about the FOREIGNER 40thAnniversary Tour – was the celebration all Mick’s idea or did managers & promoters come up with the theme?


The 40th tour has been planned for a couple years now. Mick wanted to do something special for it, and management came through big time! We had also been working with Live Nation for a while trying to figure out the best way to do it and to come up with the best package possible. It was worth the effort.


Agreed. So how did the package including Cheap Trick come together and are any of you old friends from the road?


Cheap Trick were someone we’ve wanted to tour with for quite some time. They’re friends, I’ve known them for years, not terribly close but it’s always good. They’re great guys. Mick has known them forever, they toured together a lot in Foreigner’s early days. Robin (Zander) has shown up at gigs in the past and always likes to jam. I’m up for that anytime! I sooooo love his voice and of course Cheap Trick as a band, and with their songs, are top of the heap!!!


Including Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience in the opening slot will be a perfect add to the mix – if you could pick his set list, what are the songs you would want him to perform from that legendary catalog?


Where do I start???!!!! OK, if I really get to pick my fave Zep songs, here goes: Good Times Bad Times, Communication Breakdown, Ramble On, When the Levee Breaks, Black Dog, Four Sticks (I’m sure they won’t do it but God I love that song!), Kashmir, Living Loving Maid, Dazed and Confused, How Many More Times – what a set that’d be!!!!!


An EPIC set list – tell him we all want that one! We all remember Jason’s Bonham’s tour of duty behind the FOREIGNER drum kit – what is one of your favorite memories from his time in the band from 2004-2007?


My favorite memory is spending time in the studio with Jason. He’s such a great all around musician and recording with him is magical. We wrote a song together for Rockstar- it didn’t make the final cut of the movie but what a great, fun experience. It was also a great time as we all rebuilt the Foreigner live band together. I think we all felt like teenagers in those days.


Jason works hard – he is recording with BCC again, touring with The Circle, and of course his band JBLZE. What is the secret to success for artists like you & Jason, musicians who manage such busy schedules?


Love the music and let that always be your guide!!!


A lot of FOREIGNER fans have been hoping that Mick would invite Lou out for some guest appearances – especially a tour that starts in Lou’s hometown. Can you tell us if that is going to happen this summer?


I can’t tell you for sure just yet, but it is absolutely being talked about. I would love to see that happen. There’s communication so that’s good.


That is good news! I’d also love to see guest appearances from the other surviving members – Al, Dennis, Ian & Rick. Assuming they are also up for it will any of them join you on stage for a few classic songs?


That too is being talked about. Dennis and Rick (Wills, bassist from 78- 92) came out and played a couple songs with us in Florida a few weeks ago. It was great and so much fun!


Nice! So… looking ahead, will this tour mark the end of an era for FOREIGNER or does Mick believe this band can keep going with or without him? And what would you like to see as far as your role in the band’s future?


No talk of the band ending yet! I know we already have bookings late into 2018 so all signs point to us going on for the foreseeable future. As for my role, I’m happy as Musical Director and Producer of some of the records. What else could I do????

Speaking of bands with a future, I think most American fans of DOKKEN have been hoping there is still some more gas in the tank for you, Don, George & Mick. Have any of you talked about another run?


We are talking about trying to figure something out. Nothing has really come together yet as far as any more live work. But the fact that we had such a great time working on the new song that will appear on the Live DVD as a bonus, that’s a good sign. We also did a couple acoustic remakes which we’re all very happy with. So musically we’re in a good place together. If we do more live stuff it has to be very special and likely very short. I’m so strapped for time as it is, and Don doesn’t wanna lose the focus on his version of Dokken. I get that. It’s his everyday gig so he wouldn’t wanna diminish it for short lived reunion stuff. But having said that, we’re past a lot of the hurdles from the past, so if the right opportunity comes along we just may surprise you! But don’t be disappointed if it ends up only being whatever we come up with for the Live DVD and Audio CD.


Disappointed? No way – most “classic” DOKKEN fans are really excited about the CD/DVD. In fact, some of the clips from the tour of Japan have been posted on YouTube – how is the progress of the official live concert DVD production coming along? Will this be a “raw” recording or will you have to add & edit to the recordings to get them up to the expectations you have for an official release?


The progress is great. As always with us, scheduling is tricky so it’s not finished yet. But we’ve got a bulk of the audio put together, the new song (and Don sounds AMAZING on it) and the acoustic stuff. So, all is good. As far as it being raw, you can always go to YouTube for that! In all seriousness, we’re trying to keep it real as much as possible, but also bringing the audio up to the high standard we’ve always had for Dokken. We want people to get the best listening/watching experience possible. There will be spots on the DVD where the visual will shift between different shows in Japan and the Badlands in South Dakota, but we just want it to look as cool as it can. We’re not overly concerned with making it look like one performance all the way through. It’s a combo of several shows, so why hide that?


You told us in November about this new song that you & George wrote & recorded for DOKKEN that was ready for vocals – I’m stoked to hear that Don’s vocals have been added and sound so good to you! I’m sure that will pump up the DOKKEN fan base!! What have you titled the track?


It’s called “It’s Just Another Day” and I’m quite excited about it. The session for Don’s vocal was nothing short of magic. I was getting goose bumps. It felt like we hadn’t missed a day together! Don really came through on that tune!


Man, I can’t wait now!! For you, as a writer, would you like to add more DOKKEN music to your recording catalog or does that style of music still inspire you as a writer?


Sure, I still often write in that style. In fact, I’m getting quite a back log of songs in that vein so I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. Do I do a solo CD, a new War and Peace, who knows? I’m thinking I’ll have time on the road for the next several months to finish writing for it, then maybe record during the holidays. Like I said, who knows? It’s just nice to know I have the studio to make it happen if I go forward with it. It’s all about having the time!!!


Bring it – we’d love to hear more! Speaking of your studio, what about your plans as a producer – do you have any new offers to take another great band into Pilsound Studios later this year?


Well I just finished the Warrant record which was a BLAST!!!! Those guys are so great and the record came out amazing. It should be out relatively soon. It’s called Louder, Harder, Faster and it’s got amazing songs. It really rocks, but also has lots of great melody. I’m very excited for that. Plus, I’m hoping I can do another Last in Line CD this year. We’re trying to figure out schedules but that too is rough. Vivian’s doing a lot with Leppard this year and pretty much when I’m at home, he’s working. So, we’ll see, but I really hope I can do it. It’s so great working with great friends who are such amazing musicians. I also have another project in the works that must stay secret for now – but it’ll be a killer!!!


Now you’ve got my mind racing… I’m sure all artists/producers have a list of other artists they would like to meet & collaborate with – who would you love to get a call from to get into the studio and record with?


Hmmm, how fun would it be to do a recording with Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham!?! OK, that’s reaching… How about something with Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake? I love that guy and he is a monster musician!!!


He is. So many amazing players out there today. And sadly, so many are no longer with us. You and I grew up in an era of rock music that now is experiencing regular loss as the years go by. I know how I feel when one of my musical heroes passes away, but I can’t imagine how you must feel… I mean some (like RJD) aren’t just heroes – they are your friends. How do you handle all that?


I let myself grieve when necessary, then I try and live every moment to the fullest. You just never know when this wonderful journey may be turning a corner.


Good advice. As we all look toward the future we start to think about impact, influence – even legacy. Do you have a clear vision of what you hope will be remembered most about you or is that hard for you to think about?


I try not to get too much into that head space. I do try and maintain a big picture on everything but as far as worrying about a legacy, that’s really about the ego and doesn’t lend itself to productivity. Again, if you maintain your integrity, your work ethic and do your best always – that’s all you can do. For me, if I start thinking about legacy I just get disappointed at all the things I haven’t done- and that doesn’t seem too healthy. When I do think big picture, I use it to keep my priorities straight and to make better choices.

While we are on “deep thought” topics, let’s give you an opportunity to speak about your passion for politics. I have personally found you to be very “un-political” and rather more interested in digging into the factors that ultimately drive politics. Why is all that so fascinating to you personally?


Because I believe we all have good and bad sides, right and left. At some point I really feel that it will become crucial that the political sides learn to work together again. And to do that, I think self-examination, honesty and openness will be essential. Things are in such a mess at this point in history. I truly hope my daughter doesn’t become a voting adult in the political atmosphere we have now. We have a very long way to go, but I think it starts with being able to understand all sides. For Americans, I think it’s more important than ever that people become well informed, and not just read or watch the things that simply reinforce they’re already held beliefs. To find that truth can be tricky. But it’s that truth that I think we need. I worry about the state of things. Our place in the world, the environment, education and our moral center. However, I still have faith that our form of government, while not perfect, is still the best and the potential is there. No matter your ideology, getting more involved can only lead to better results.


Who were some of your political influences growing up?


My main political influence was and probably always will be, my brother in law. He and my sister are preparing for their 50th wedding anniversary this year, so that gives you an idea how long he’s been in my life. He turned me on to the Beatles BEFORE they were on Ed Sullivan!


Wow! Would you ever consider jumping the tracks and serving in a public office?


Maybe, but I’m getting a little old to think about starting in politics, even if it’s just city council! But there is a little spot in the back of my mind that wishes I could do more. Hey, maybe George will run for mayor of our town (we live that close to each other these days). I’ll be his campaign manager!!!!!


You heard it here first – Mayor Lynch!! So… as you look at the national landscape, what must happen in 2017 for us to come together as a nation, or is a house divided our destiny?


I doubt it will happen in 2017, but I don’t believe we’ll be a house divided forever. I hate to say it, but a major catastrophe may force us to work together, I just hope we get some sense long before then!!!



And there you have it… another awesome “State of the Union” with Jeff Pilson! As always – feel free to post your comments here on the blog and follow us on Jeff’s Facebook Page and Jeff’s Twitter as well.

Peace, Michael.

Winding Down 2016

Posted: November 12, 2016 in Pilsonbrew

Hey everyone – its Michael Regan. Hope you are all well! As I try to do at least once or twice a year, I’ve reached out to Jeff this weekend with a series of questions from a fan’s point of view. Jeff is always gracious with this exchange and his honest answers we once again worthy of a blog post, which is what I’ve compiled for you all below.

Before we kick off, I just want to personally say how much I enjoyed seeing Jeff twice this fall – once with FOREIGNER in Salem, Oregon, and once with DOKKEN in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Jeff has always gone out of his way to make sure I have been personally introduced to everyone – band members, crew, and management. I just want to personally thank you Jeff – you are truly one of the best human beings, much less rock stars, on this crazy planet.

Now… on with the Q&A! Enjoy…

  • First, you are currently out touring with FOREIGNER featuring an all-acoustic set. What has been special about this particular run of dates so far?
Cold As Ice is fun cuz we do it very “swingy” and it doesn’t hurt that I get a bass solo!!!
  • As you have spent more time in the FOREIGNER catalog, which songs really present well for the band as acoustic performances?
I’m excited about several. Our version of The Flame Still Burns, which comes out as a video on Nov 21, is really stellar. The version that we recorded starts out acoustically and ends up full-blown rocking and electric. Our live acoustic version is just emotionally thrilling. Bruce and Kelly do the intro together and it just builds into something epic.
  • The band has a lot already lined up for 2017, but you have a nice break from the road between Thanksgiving and the end of January. Any fun plans for the Holiday season?
Hmmm, sleep? Time with the family, I love family time especially during the holidays. Olivia (my 12 yr old) and I love to decorate the tree and house – very old school. And I love the holiday vibe. But I also plan on recording and finishing a Warrant record between Thanksgiving and when I start-up again Jan 18. No rest this year!
  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, I think its safe to say that your long-time fans are very thankful that you were able to reunite with Don, Mick & George this fall. Looking back, what were some of the highlights of the brief Dokken reunion?
By far the best part for me was that once we got together there was no tension and in fact we spent a lot of time just hanging as friends. What a gift that was. But the fan reaction was also pretty spectacular and I’ll never forget that. How lucky to have such loyal fans after 30 plus years. I never forget that.
  • Your Japanese fans were clearly stoked to get those six dates. What is it about the relationship Dokken has with Japan that remains so special?
Their undying love for the band. I think the music just resonates deeply with them and they’re appreciative when we play. It’s pretty special.
  • On the other hand, your American fans felt dismissed by the lack of opportunity to catch this reunion anywhere outside of one live night in South Dakota. How do you feel about balancing all those expectations?
Well there’s not a lot I can do about it, so I learn to accept it. I totally get Don not wanting to do reunion stuff at the expense of his ongoing version of the band. It’s the same principle that I have which is Foreigner has to come first. It makes sense. I have to look at it that if and when any reunion stuff gets to happen – even if just recording – appreciate it, do my best and enjoy the time we have making music together again.
  • Many fans were concerned about old band tensions rising up again on tour. At what point during the reunion did you finally say, “you know, we’ve got this!”?
The first night in South Dakota all the tension went away. In fact we first saw each other at the bar early evening – stayed there for quite a while – then Don and George ended up talking and hanging alone for quite some time. It was a breath of fresh air. Then when we started rehearing, I could see how considerate everyone was being – I knew we were basically ok.
  • Dokken was celebrated for the Unchain the Night video in 1986 that gave fans a glimpse at your collective sense of humor. Did some new funny moments come out while you were all together again in 2016?
Well of course – lots of laughs! We always did have a very funny side. The one thing that comes to mind was on the day of the last Tokyo show. As Don was entering the venue he got handed 3 packages from a fan and they said “To George Lynch Guitar Technician”, “Don Dokken Guitar Technician” and Jeff Pilson “Bass Technician”. We had a pretty good idea that they were really intended for the 3 of us, but we felt obligated to give them to our Japanese techs. Hey it said it was to the technicians!!!!! Anyways our very competent and hard-working Japanese techs were being so thankful they were getting gifts, and when they opened them there were 3 pairs of socks in each package. They still looked very “honored”, but a little curious. So we told them they were “Sockin with Dokken”. They loved that!
  • What “classic” Dokken songs did you feel really great about as you played them live again?
Will The Sunrise gave me goosebumps, Don’t Close Your Eyes felt so good, Mr Scary was really powerful and fun. The whole set was really a pleasant experience for me – and singing with the guys felt like coming home!
  • How do you describe the emotion you felt locking in with George & Mick again?
The moments that really locked were pure magic, no other way to describe it. Of course we were pretty loose from not playing together in so long, but when we clicked it was as comfortable as could be.
  • Have you reviewed the audio/video from the Badlands show, and will you produce that recording into the Live DVD as you all intended?
Yes and yes. I’ve been editing in much of my downtime and on long plane flights. We also recorded two Japanese shows so the DVD will be a combo from all 3.
  • What about the new song you and George were working on with Mick & Don before the tour – any plans to button that down to be included as a bonus track?
That’s exactly the plan. It’s mostly written now and everyone’s happy with the track, so we just have to do vocals and finish it up. Don had suggested we speed it up, which we did, and that turned out to be a great suggestion. Now the song is like a more melodic Paris Is Burning so I think fans are gonna love it. Plus its genuine and inspired – not assembly line writing.
  • There has been speculation that you, George and Mick may finally be ready to release another T&N recording in 2017. Any truth to that and would you repeat the Slave to the Empire mix of classic & new tracks?
That probably comes from the fact that we do have 6 or 7 more Dokken remakes in the can, so we would love to put that out at some point in the future – but can’t speculate when just yet. One is Wild Mick singing “When Heaven Comes Down” and it is friggin awesome. He sounds so good on that track. As for new material, it doesn’t take much to encourage George and I to get together to write. I think we were originally hoping that there might be a studio Dokken CD, but that looks like it’ll be hard to pull off (again, mostly scheduling). So who knows, there could well be another T&N record at some point. But no definitive game plan or concept for it yet.
  • Does T&N provide you the creative outlet for Dokken music or did the reunion spark a desire to do more work together as a full band again?
Both actually. I think we would love to do a record together as a band, but I just don’t realistically see it happening. So in that case T&N would be a perfect creative outlet. But you never know what the whim may be at the moment. I’m not all that keen on doing a whole record of me singing. One or two songs would cure my itch. I loved having the guest singers on T&N cuz it brought so much to the project. Dug, Sebastian, Robert, Ripper – they all gave it so much life and energy. That’s when collaborating is magical. I genuinely liked what I did, vocally, on the middle section we added to Into The Fire – if there’s more of that, cool. But other than that I think there are better vocalists for what we could do. Just my honest opinion.
  • Some fans assume that Don really controls any future offers for the “classic” band to work together again. Other fans think you have the most challenging schedule. Most believe George & Mick would jump at the chance for more touring either way. Is all of this true at some level?
Well it’s true that my schedule is the trickiest, and Don is the one who isn’t all that keen on further reunion stuff. I think it comes from a genuine concern that he’s built up a version of the band which is his own, is very happy with it, and wants it to continue for a while. He’s afraid that reunion stuff would water that down – and I get that. But we’ve been honest with each other about all of that, so it is what it is. George is plenty busy, so he’s OK with it too. We’ve already turned down other offers. But who knows what may happen down the line. Maybe there are other corners of the Earth we could go play!!!!!! 
  • If Dokken never plays another show with you or George in the mix are you satisfied that you were able to end on good terms with great shows?
Yes. Were we absolutely our best as a band? No – there simply wasn’t enough time for that. But was there magic? Yes. And the fact that we got along was very important to me. Maybe in some ways (at our age) more important than the music. 
  • You had surgery earlier this year on your hip – how are you holding up physically after such a long year of touring?
Doing great. In fact I’m shocked at how well I feel. The other hip will have to go as well at some point, but so far so good. No more high dives off the drum riser for me – but that’s a small price to pay!!!
  • Is yoga your best outlet for staying flexible and energetic during your time out on the road or do you mix other disciplines into your routines as well?
Yoga is pretty all-inclusive. I do regular working out with weights to a very small degree, but it is mostly yoga which gives me the most benefit. And most of that benefit comes from the meditation aspect. The physical side is icing on the cake.
  • What is the one thing about you offstage that most fans would be surprised to know about you?
That I’m a total geek! I go to my hotel room and read (lots of history and science), watch YouTube videos about string theory, and pretend I know something!!!!!! Plus I’m really into metaphysics and, strangely enough, politics. I try to keep up and be a good citizen.
  • Finally, we all know that you are a man of great conviction in our country’s political process. This particular election season was difficult for you and you were not shy about posting some raw thoughts on your Facebook page. Some of your fans are aligned with your point of view, while others are not. How do you feel about your role in communicating with all of your fans & friends?
Well I just want, in some very small way, to have a dialog between ideologies and get to the heart and truth behind what people feel. I’m really sick of people not at least trying to understand others’ way of thinking. You don’t have to agree, but you have to listen. I have dear friends (and my brother) who have the exact opposite convictions I do, but we still love and respect one another. I no longer care about being right (or at least that’s what I’m committed to attempt) I wanna search for truth when possible. And then I’ll make my voice heard. But I also believe that needs to go both ways – or it’s false equivalency which I also cannot endorse. Protesting a president-elect before he even gets into office I see as a bit pointless. As long as it’s non-violent, it is their right. But I wanna pick my battles and stay in the game to be a voice for progress. One thing I do love about Trump’s win is that he did it with a fraction of the money Hillary spent (although celebrity is currency in our society) and he truly did take on his own party’s establishment. That, to me, is encouraging. It was great to see that people’s involvement can pay off. I’ll leave out all my concerns here, but I will say that I accept that change is coming and I think the democratic thing to do is to fight for what I think needs fighting for, but not to simply oppose everything for the sake of partisanship. I very much did NOT approve of Republicans doing that to Obama. Yes it worked, so it would be tempting to emulate that on the left, but I think it’s time to think about the future. I can’t stand all the inaction. Even though Obama tried to get Congress to rebuild infrastructure, if Trump really gets it done and also gets the credit, well life isn’t always fair – but at least we may have better roads!!!! That’s just one example of how I’m working to see the glass as half full. But make no mistake I will be a fighter for Progressive causes when the time comes if, in my gut, it feels like we’re being thrown backward.

  • So what do we need most right now – More War or Peace?
I, of course, see the irony in that question – but it is a deep one. Of course we need more peace. But we need real and lasting peace which comes from love and understanding, and not just military might. I don’t wanna get religious here, but remember Jesus Christ said “Love thine enemies” for a reason. I have a feeling our military will soon grow to quite a degree. If we take the responsibility of that seriously and really do become a voice for peace and reason and smart geopolitical maneuvering – great. But if we become a vehicle of geopolitical power without consideration for the rest of mankind, there may be an eternal price to pay for that. The message is stay vigilant. View all scapegoating of other religions and people with eyes-wide-open analysis. No we shouldn’t be taken advantage of, but let’s keep an honest and sober perspective. Let’s walk the walk as well as talk the talk. There are forces out there which are completely intolerant and have no love for this country and most of western civilization. We must be smart in how we fight  back on that with all our power. But to be anything like that in return – even to the smallest degree is becoming a vehicle of destruction which we no longer have the luxury of allowing. Just my humble opinion.
Hope that helps. — Jeff

Hey everyone – it’s been a year since my last Q&A with Jeff Pilson, and I’m excited to run another “State of the Union” interview for you all. As usual, there is a lot to talk about, and I’ve done my best to cover the bases, but this one will certainly play heavier on the “State of the Reunion” due to the big announcement this week about DOKKEN! – Michael

Here we go…

  • Hey Jeff – it’s hard to believe another year has come around since our last Q&A… I just want to start by thanking you for always being willing to update your fans like you do.

JEFF: No prob.  It’s all about communication these days. Glad you’re helping out with it.

  • Let’s dive right into the deep waters: Word is starting to spread that Don has finally agreed to an offer that brings back you and George with Don and Mick for a short run of six “classic DOKKEN” reunion shows in Japan this fall. How did this reunion finally come together after all these years?

JEFF: OK, full story. Tom Mayhue, (who in the 80’s was our crew chief but went on to GnR where he’s been ever since as Production Mgr) was contacted by Creative Man in Japan (the promoter). He was asked to contact us all to see about the possibility of a reunion.  Once everyone agreed to the premise and their offer (which is quite lucrative), they then asked for my Foreigner itinerary to book the dates so it could work for me. How do you say no to that???? The problem really has been scheduling in our last couple attempts at a reunion, so this solved that problem and we went forward.

  • Wow – that’s very cool! Clearly Creative Man knows Japanese fans have always been passionate about DOKKEN, and you guys had some amazing shows over there in the mid 90’s. Did “DOKKEN Live ‘95” capture the best performance from that era?

JEFF: Not necessarily, but it was certainly a good one. We had several really magical shows on that run, but it was great to record in Japan and it was especially cool of Mr Udo to do that for us. He was always soooooo good to us!

  • Yes he was! Going further back, many fans hold “Beast from the East” in high regard as a live recording release. As time has passed, more and more bands have disclosed their studio editing to their live albums… how “live” was that DOKKEN release?

JEFF: Not as live as it probably could have been. Personally I think we may have gone a bit overboard in fixing it, but it did come out good. Funny thing is, I have the original live board tapes  which, though there are mistakes, etc., actually have a better energy to them. Oh well.

  • You know fans would LOVE to hear those recordings, but I digress… Would a 2016 setlist revisit that “classic” setlist from BFTE, or can we expect a fresh mix of classics, deep cuts, and newer songs this time around?

JEFF: Well of course there will be the classics, but we have talked about trying to bring out at least one deep cut, perhaps one we’ve never performed or haven’t in a very long time, but we’ll see. I’d sure like to have an acoustic section, maybe 4 songs. We all agree it has to be a helluva show.

  • We know it will be! Here’s an idea… Many bands are now featuring a classic album anniversary by playing it live all the way thru… has anyone suggested you guys playing all of “Under Lock & Key” to celebrate 30 years of that release?

JEFF: That hasn’t been brought up, although it’s not a horrible idea. I just don’t see us doing that right out of the gate to start a reunion.

  • Fair enough. As you look ahead to the run of six shows in Japan, what are your plans to connect with Don, George & Mick for rehearsals here in the US prior to departure?

JEFF: We do have a plan and there will be rehearsals. Of course I’m the guy that feels there’s never enough rehearsal, but we’ll make the best of what we get. It’s so hard with everyone’s schedules.

  • I know you & George like to work together – what do you anticipate once you plug in again with Mick & Don at rehearsal?

JEFF: If I had to guess I’d say it’ll feel pretty damn normal!!!!! Mick came over to play drums and sing backgrounds for the T&N record in 2012 and that felt absolutely comfortable… in fact it felt amazing! You gotta remember what a huge chunk of all our lives Dokken has been, so it really is a familiar place. Deep down we all have a love for each other that is undeniable, even though, like families, it can get abrasive at times.

  • I think most fans of this band believe that and understand the reality of the family dynamic. Once you get to Japan, do you and George have any Scrotum Sound Studio sessions planned back at the hotel for any creative work?

JEFF: Not really, but he did come over 2 days ago and we wrote the music to a new track that I sent to Don yesterday. The plan is, hopefully, to somehow record one song before the tour to include as part of the packaging. The song we wrote is awesome, I can’t wait to hear what Don does to it.

  • Now that’s what I’m talking about – a new song! You know fans & promoters around the world will be hoping for more, especially if the magic is back in Japan – is that something you are even considering personally?

JEFF: Well again it comes down to, for me, scheduling. Foreigner has our big 40th anniversary tour next year, so that’s a factor. Plus Don is saying he’s really only interested in doing it in Japan, so guess that’s it. I’d certainly be open to doing more if it could work out, but if it’s just Japan- I’m fine with that too.

  • Ok, but have you prepared yourself for what will happen if Don & George actually enjoy this and suddenly the light shines on you as the guy with too many commitments to keep this going?

JEFF: Actually no, I haven’t even thought of that – LOL! Don has made it pretty clear he likes his current lineup of Dokken, and I get that. Hey if that did happen- wow! But I don’t see that happening.

  • How did you explain this whole DOKKEN opportunity to Mick & Kelly, and how did they react to your plans for Japan?

JEFF: I only spoke with management so haven’t actually spoken to either of them about it yet, but knowing it was conscientiously booked around Foreigner’s schedule, I can’t see them having a problem with it.

  • Could you foresee a future where it would be possible to balance touring w/DOKKEN & FOREIGNER, much like Mick has done w/Ted Nugent & DOKKEN?


  • That seems like a firm answer. What about recording with DOKKEN? Could that be a creative outlet for you & George to continue making great music with Don & Mick without the pressure of touring together?

JEFF: That’s something I would truly enjoy and know George thinks that as well. But let’s just take it one step (or song) at a time. I do hope this new song comes out as good as I imagine.

  • Speaking of recording, you also have built a solid reputation at Pilsound Studios as a dynamic producer. Some of your recent work – like Last in Line’s “Heavy Crown” – has been your best yet. Any plans for new studio work lined up for this fall or winter?

JEFF: Warrant has asked me to do a record with them this winter, and I’m hoping that can work out. Plus when Last In Line does their next CD, I sure hope I’m involved. And of course George and I would love to do another T&N record if there isn’t a whole Dokken record to do. Just so much I’d like to do and too little time to do it in.

  • What great problems to have, right? To bend a lyric from a Steel Dragon track, you seem to be living a life you were born to live. As you look ahead, what is your vision for your life in 10 years?

JEFF: A really really big garden!!!!! Actually, that is a fantasy of mine and fortunately Don Dokken happens to be an amazing gardener – so some brain picking coming soon!!!!  But that’s something I can’t really let myself think too much about til I’m off the road so much – so no hurry on that. But on the musical front, if in 10 years I’m producing, writing, maybe doing TV and/or jingle work, I’ll be a happy camper!

  • Your values about music seem to run deep and guide everything you do… what convictions would you say capture those deeply rooted values?

JEFF: Do what you truly feel in your heart. Do it to the best of your ability, and enjoy every second of doing it!

  • With this DOKKEN reunion booked – even if it is only six shows as an appropriate final chapter – do you have more audacious goals in your musical career?

JEFF: I’m still trying to write the greatest song of all time – that’s all!!!!!! Until I do, gotta keep trying!

  • How do you make decisions today about what you will do to make sure you keep your dreams alive and your musical choices lined up with your vision of the future?

JEFF: I’ve learned to listen to my gut a lot more. It seems like when I’ve gone the most astray it was when I did what I was “supposed” to do or what, on the surface, was the “correct” thing to do rather than what felt right. If I have a regret, it’s that.

  • Jeff – there will be so much more to talk about once you walk down the road in front of you this fall. I hope we can circle back around in the next 120 days and explore what you are experiencing with the band, the music, and the tour. Until then, keep up the amazing work you do that we all enjoy so much!

JEFF: Thanx – yes let’s keep talking through all this. Let’s follow up as we get closer to the tour.

Hi Jeff – its been a long time since we posted one of our Q&A interviews for your fans, and a lot has been happening, so let’s jump right in!
  • You are now entering your 11th year touring with FOREIGNER. Your tenure passed that of original bass player Ed Gagliardi (RIP) several years ago, and you’ve now served longer than Rick Wills who was with the band during the 80’s. Do you feel you’ve now made your own personal mark on this legendary band? It’s funny, but I have never really looked at it as leaving a personal mark. I think I’m aware that some of my personality is seeping into the band, but I’ve always viewed it as using our collective talents to take Mick Jones’ vision for a groove-oriented, extremely melodic rock/R&B band to the highest level possible. The template for Foreigner is so clear in my mind, I’ve just never thought of it as being something I would co-opt… I think we only enhance it.
  • Last year the band toured featuring it’s best-selling album “4” from 1981. Were you satisfied with the opportunity this version of the band gave for the fans to revisit that classic recording in a live experience? Absolutely. It’s still a pinnacle in our live recordings for me. I am SOOOO proud of how we interpreted, then performed these classic songs. Never an easy task, but one we approached with passion and diligence and I think the results speak for themselves.
  • Was it fun to mix in some of the deeper cuts from 4 into your classic set list, and did you find a favorite? Yes it was, the real cherry there! I just love Girl On The Moon and really am pleased with the version we did. I especially love the touches Bruce Watson added with his slide guitar. It’s also one of my favorite mixes on the album. Plus I gotta say our Break It Up is very cool. More guitars than the record, and slinky!
  • 4 was a great recording, and many fans hold the first record dearly, while some will argue that Double Vision or Head Games were their personal favorites. Do you think Mick will ever want to visit another album with a future tour like you did with 4? Because 4 was the biggest and most iconic record in the Foreigner catalog, I have a hard time seeing us commemorate another album in the way we did 4. But I’m sure 2017 will hold a lot in the way of honoring the band’s 40th anniversary!
  • Let’s talk about the tour you have booked this summer with Kid Rock. That’s not a pairing that most FOREIGNER fans saw coming… how did that materialize? Believe it or not, he wanted us! Our manager is a close friend of Bob’s (Kid Rock) and it all came through that. Kid Rock knows he has the potential to become a classic rock legend, and I think that’s where we tie in. Pretty forward thinking on his part.
  • Do you already know “Kid” or will you be getting to know him this summer? I haven’t met him yet, but Kelly and Mick had dinner with him recently and, as I said, our manager and he are very close (Phil Carson, one of Foreigner’s 2 managers, used to be the head of Atlantic Records as well as having managed Robert Plant, The Firm and several other artists. He’s also responsible for an endless list of signings during his tenure at Atlantic. Kid was signed by Ahmet Ertegun the legendary founder of Atlantic and also a close friend of Phil Carson).
  • Are you guys prepared for his full-on party machine, or is he prepared for your band of sober healthy people!? THAT I don’t yet know!!!!!!
  • Dennis Elliott joined the band for a brief appearance last year… any hopes for any new special guest appearances during the summer run? It’s always possible. Dennis lives in Florida and knows we’re more than honored any time he’d like to join us onstage. Rick Wills also played with us at one show last year. That was fun for me cuz I’m a big fan!
  • Later this year you have a short run booked with Def Leppard & Tesla, two of your 80’s contemporaries. What excites you about having that lineup out on the road in October? Well for one, great bands and great people. I’ve known the Leppard and Tesla people for over 30 years now. And Vivian Campbell has been at my studio a lot lately doing the Last In Line record. He’s a dear friend and such a wonderful musician. And I just have so much respect for Leppard, on so many levels. Their commitment to each other and the band as well as the personal support they all show each other for their side projects, it’s like a brotherhood… the way it’s supposed to be. As a Dokken member, it’s hard not to envy and/or admire that. Foreigner has a serious closeness as well, but ours is only 10 yrs old, theirs is over 35! And Tesla is a great band as well, with a bunch of very down to earth guys. It’s gonna be quick (I think it’s only 8 or so shows), but damn fun!!!!
  • Let’s say Joe Elliott asks you to come on stage to jam a classic Leppard track with them… what song would you love to play with them? That’s a very tough question… maybe Bringing On The Heartbreak? That would be killer – especially if you could drive the band right into Switch 625!!
  • At this point October looks like the end of the tour cycle planned for this year. Will that give you some time to get back into your studio to work on any of your projects? Yes, studio, studio and more studio. Might have a little surprise up my sleeve, but no question I’ll be in the studio.
  • Ok, knowing that… your fans will want to know if you and George will finally pull together the balance of your T&N recordings. Will you release another collection of classic Dokken tracks mixed with new music? We will eventually, it’s a question of how and if this is the year to do it. We’re talking about a few different options right now, so I don’t wanna announce anything prematurely, but I’m really hoping George and I get to do some serious work this year.
  • Speaking of George, when is the last time you two sat down and watched “Unchain the Night” together with all of your wacky clips from Scrotum Sound Mobile Studios? Not in a VERRRRRRRRRRY long time!  Well, I had to ask 🙂
  • Do you ever look back at those 80’s videos with the vision that you had to marry the music with a story and think, “we nailed that one!”? My favorite video of ours is It’s Not Love cuz it was honest. It was us actually driving thru the streets of LA on a flatbed playing. Simple but effective. I don’t think you could ever accuse Dokken of being solely an image driven video band!!!! To put it nicely!! LOL
  • When you look back at the 1994 Dokken “reunion” and the “One Live Night” recording, what are some of your fond memories of that acoustic set? Just how powerful it felt for the 4 of us to be on a stage together again. I think it shocked all of us, it was very palpable. Our chemistry may have always been very strange, but it was absolutely there nonetheless!
  • Shadowlife seems to be the release that everyone agrees is an outlier… do you ever think that recording will come back and enjoy more support from Dokken fans? I kind of doubt it. It may, however, get a tiny reprieve with time as there are a few good and cohesive moments. But as a Dokken work it’s unquestionably the bastard child!
  • Later, with George out and REB Beach in the band you released “Live from the Sun” with a lot more audio/video production in the mix – what made that performance so special? We were very energized by Reb’s presence and reacted and performed accordingly. It’s no secret George was not the happiest camper in his run with Dokken at the end of the 90’s. I think he felt like he was forced into being in the band for various reasons, and that would frustrate anybody. Then, of course, we singled him out so once he was gone we felt liberated, fairly or unfairly. But Reb really was a breath of fresh air and truly loved the music we were making and you feel that. That record is an unsung hero in the Dokken catalog!
  • One more nostalgia trip… when is the last time you and Ravinder popped some corn and sat down to watch “RockStar” together and do you “Stand Up and Shout” when Steel Dragon comes on!? I’ve only seen passing clips on HBO over the last few years, but I believe Olivia (our soon-to-be 11 yr old daughter) was shown the whole thing fairly recently and that’s a bit like seeing it all by osmosis! I think it holds up rather well, all things considered. I do get a chuckle every time I see Zakk, Jason and I in those outfits and haircuts!!!!!
  • Jeff – your career is so diverse, and full of so many incredible accomplishments… How could one guy get to do all these amazing things while doing the one thing he loves so much? Ah, there’s the source of my gratitude! I really do feel fortunate. I came along in an era when you could have a career with all this, and I’ve never had to look back. I am way luckier than talented. But I will say I’m a hard worker and am verrrrrrry passionate about music and I know that helps. I rarely lose sight of the fact that it is a gift and that the magic in music is communicating on a higher plane, so I always try to do my best. And the fact that I have such an amazing family thru all this – wow that’s what really blows me away!
  • Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans before you head off on the road all summer? Just that there is SOOOOO much they have to hear. If you haven’t checked out the Foreigner 4 and More CD, please do. It’s a great rock record. And wait until the Last In Line record comes out (original DIO band with Andrew Freeman singing) sometime next year. It is beyond phenomenal, and to say I’m proud and excited is an understatement! And if they’ve never listened to the ADLER CD- it is soooooo good. More music from them by years end as well, I’m hoping. Lots of music, even more coming!!
Thanks again Jeff – you know I love interviewing you and I know your fans love hearing from you. Thanks for making time for all of us!! Thanx to everyone for supporting me and all I’m associated with for a very long time. I can honestly say I couldn’t do it without you!!!!!!
And there you have it… another great interview with my friend Jeff Pilson – the hardest rocking, hardest working man in the music business! Please post your comments & questions on our Jeff Pilson Fan Page on Facebook – Jeff loves to check those posts and will add some fun posts from the tour this summer as well.