About Jeff Pilson

Jeff Pilson (born January 19th in Lake Forest, Illinois) is an American bass guitarist.
Jeff T&N

Jeff is currently the bassist for Foreigner. He joined the band in 2004. He produced Foreigner’s 2005 CD, “Live in ’05,” as well as tracks off of their “No End in Sight” CD in 2008.

Pilson was a member of heavy metal bands Dokken, Dio and MSG. He also formed his own progressive metal group called War and Peace in 1989, releasing three albums: 1993’s “Time Capsule,” 2000’s “Light at the End of the Tunnel” and 2004’s “The Walls Have Eyes.” He also worked with his ex-Dokken band mate, guitarist George Lynch in a two-member group called Lynch/Pilson, which in 2003 released the critically acclaimed “Wicked Underground” in 2003 where Pilson also handled lead vocal duties.

Additionally, Jeff played in the band Wild Horses which also featured drummer James Kottack (Scorpions, Kingdom Come), guitarist Rick Steier (Kingdom Come, Warrant), and singer John Levesque.

Although he is known primarily for his work as a bass guitarist, Pilson also plays guitar and keyboards.

Jeff Pilson is also an actor, having appeared in the movie Rock Star, 2001. Pilson played bassist Jorgen, of the fictional band Steel Dragon. The film also featured performances by musicians such as Zakk Wylde, Jason Bonham, Myles Kennedy, Brian Vander Ark, Blas Elias and Nick Catanese. He also played in the film’s soundtrack and served as Musical Director for the film.

Pilson produced the first two CDs of San Diego metal band Benedictum as well as the recent release from Adler, featuring original Guns & Roses drummer, Steven Adler.

Jeff is currently promoting his new T&N recording, “Slave to the Empire,” released 10/31/12. Pilson wrote, recorded & produced with George Lynch, Mick Brown, and Brian Tichy (as well as continuing to tour with Foreigner).

  1. Mark Keown says:

    Jeff…My wife and I just saw the show in Reno. Great show, and yes we were part of the crowd that made our way up-front towards the middle of the show 🙂 . We live in the Seattle area and my question is, I recently saw in an interview that you spent some time growing up in Washington. Can you share where that was, and tell us more about your experience in our great state? Thx!!

    Mark Keown

  2. Ronnie Rsuh says:

    hey Jeff Pilson,
    Ronnie here, (I drove your car back to your house) can you email me?
    I just published my book and want to send you a ‘signed” copy.
    All my best,

  3. Jeff:Raian into one morning on NYC stop on recent tour.The project i was referring to:

  4. lexikatscan says:

    I love your work in Dokken, and thus followed your work in other bands.
    Thank you for being involved with such quality music!

  5. Mike says:

    Hi Jeff…
    My name is Mike

    If I may have a moment of your time…

    During my time out in LA 87-90 playing in bands I collected 100’s of band flyers. I now have a book project that I’m working on called Flyers of the Sunset Strip. It is a handcrafted limited edition 65 page book filled with reprints of the actual band flyers from the Sunset Strip back in the late 80’s it will include write ups on the bands, reprints of club tickets and more…a heavy metal scrapbook if you’d like.

    I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you might like to donate one signed item to be placed in the book, maybe a photo, a business card or even a flyer for something you promote now anything would be great. Your signed item will not be reprinted, your item will be randomly placed in one of the books as a surprise for the buyer, I plan on doing the same with the other signed items I’ve received so I do not want the item signed to anyone. I invite you to check out the Flyers of the Sunset Strip twitter account @FoftheSS and if you would like to donate an item then just simply email me back and I will provide my address or if you prefer a postage paid envelope for you to return it to me, if you choose not to donate I thank you for your time.

    Thank you again


  6. James Sandstrom says:

    LAKE FOREST?! no way! I grew up in park ridge, graduated from Maine South. my favorite bassist is a hometown boy, COOL!!!

    BTW, “Vaccine” is one of the coolest tracks of all time.

    • Sue says:

      I grew up in Arlington Heights and went to Hersey High in the late 70’s. Had friends that went to Maine East.

  7. Randy Brackin says:

    Hey Jeff, Randy Brackin from Sirens Wail in San Diego. I’ll doing a little tribute to you and George in a few weeks at a club in Encinitas! Just wanted to know when you might be in So Cal so I can send an invite. Have an amazing vocals by Tara Gordon! Want you to hear our unplugged arangement of Ever Higher! Be well and hope to speak with you. Randy

  8. Juan Howard says:

    Hello Jeff, I was wondering what bass you were playing in the video for “Burning Like a Flame?” Good to you.

  9. Raye says:

    Hi Jeff, years ago my husband & I finally got the chance to go to a DOKKEN concert. DOKKEN was & still is my favorite band. This was a dream come true. And this was long before a computers in every home, iPhones, iPads, etc., so I didn’t know all the drama going on in the band. Got there early to get a great seat. Anticipating the best show ever. The band came out. There’s Don, there’s Mick, Where the HELL is Jeff? I was so heartbroken. I knew George & Don were having problems so I didn’t expect to see him. But I sure did miss seeing you. I think it was Reb Beach in your place, and he was really good but he’s not Jeff Pilson! It was a great DOKKEN concert but there was something missing, YOU!
    That is just a tidbit of my past and what you mean to your fans. I wish you and your family a safe & happy 4th of July.
    All my best, Raye Johnston

  10. danny kitts says:

    Hello Jeff

    I see you are coming DTE Energy Music Theater in Clarkston MI on Friday August 11 2017. I have a guitar signed by all original members of Dokken except you and I am dieing to get you to sign this. I really don’t know any other way of reaching you other than thru here. Is there any way possible I could get you to sign this guitar for me please. I was a huge Dokken fan and this would mean the world to me. I can come to the show, meet you at the airport anything lol. I would just love to have all of the original Dokken members sign this. All I need is your signature on it please 🙂

  11. Hi Jeff, I’ve been a fan since 1981. I’d like to offer you a FULL RIDE ENDORSEMENT with my guitar company and build you a Jeff Pilson Signature Series Bass/ and or Guitar. There is a royalty payment delivered to you also upon each sale. Can you please get back to me for further details if you’re interested? Best, Lance TTM Guitars – http://www.ttmguitarsusa.com

  12. Hey Jeff, I don’t know if you could possibly remember this, but, you offered to teach me how to play guitar in Longview, your house on 22nd, and I have regretted my decision for way to long… I see you are going to be playing at the White River Amphitheater next year(2018) on July 27. If I buy tickets, what are the chances of saying hi?

  13. Hi Jeff,
    I’m a huge fan of Dokken.
    I have been listening to the Starship album. It’s really good.

  14. […] we wandered back to our room, we ran straight into two of the musicians from Foreigner – Jeff Pilson and Michael Bluestein  – heading back to their rooms after their show.  We were brave […]

  15. Gary12310 says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Happy Year Year and Happy Birthday Week!
    Just saw you on The Top Ten Revealed.
    Way cool. You really did a great job on the commentary.
    Best, Gary
    Gary Raymond Sound

  16. Jeff Hyden says:

    Had a question about your studio techniques. Is that a speaker being used as a mic on your kickdrum? It appears at 6:24 on the video walkthrough place.
    Thank you in advance….Jeff Hyden

  17. Gary12310 says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Just saw you on The Top Ten Revealed.
    Way cool. You really did a great job on the commentary.
    Always fond memories of working together on Rock Star.
    Give me a call when you get a chance. 805 492 5858 or glraymond@earthlink.net
    Best, Gary
    Gary Raymond Sound

  18. Brian Latham says:

    Your an awesome guitar player Jeff. Seen you in Dayton, Ohio last year after the horrible mass shooting & you guys done so much for the city of Dayton with donations. Wanted to see you again this year but unfortunately a nasty virus ruined that. Look forward to seeing you next year. You guys rock!! Stay healthy & God Bless. Take care. Brian.

  19. Gary Raymond says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Just watched the Eddie Money Tribute Concert. Was that you playing Bass?
    Hope you’re well.
    Best, Gary

  20. I’m not sure why but this web site is loading extremely slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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