Really enjoyed my time in New Jersey with Mark Strigl of Talking Metal

  1. Neal says:

    Hey Jeff! Love your work! (I feel I don’t need to mention… child of the 80’s) I WANT TO CONTACT GEORGE LYNCH… I have what I think is a great idea. Could you please send me an email address, or can I send my ideas to you to forward?.. or please tell me to ‘F-off’? I promise that I won’t ‘bug’ him. . I just want to run something by him via email… And thank you for the great tunes! (truly) sincerely, Neal E Campbell
    P.S. you guys rocked! I loved Dokken and the rest of your work.
    George DESTROYED all of the other guitarists in the ‘Hearing Aid’ project. I know I’m going back a lot of years. I would love to talk to him about his method and a possible involvement in a new project. 970-290-8179 Neal. Thanks!

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